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So you've got a Funk-e animation, awesome! But now what? Well of course we are going to help! Below you find 8 short manuals filled with tips on how to launch and distribute your animation.

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1. share the animation online

Yeeeeessss! Your animation is finished! Now it's spreading time. And that of course starts with putting it online. Yeah. Not a big surprise, we know. But what is the best way to do it? What do you have to take into account? Let's go!

1. Upload it on YouTube
Even if you just want to use the animation on your website, it is still smart to upload it on YouTube. If you upload it to your site, it will take ages to load. And nobody likes to wait of course. Via YouTube you can easily embed it on your page, without any loading time. And videos on YouTube are very easy to share on social media. Not a fan? No problem, there are a lot of other websites where you can upload your video. Good examples are or


2. Choosing the title
The title of your video is essential for the findability of your video. Nobody searches for vague terms like 'transparent solution' or 'flexible platform'. Nope. So choose a title that super clearly describes what happens in your animation. A sentence from the script for example: 'Product A: all your documents in one place'. Or a description of what's being explained: "How does Product A work?". Not the most exciting or creative titles perhaps, but clarity is key.


3. Good description
The description below the YouTube video should be just as clear as your title. You can describe what is happening in your video. This makes it easier for people to find your animation. Do you have more than one video? Make sure that the descriptions are consistent with each other or structured the same way. YouTube recognizes this and will recommend people who have seen one of your videos to watch other videos of you as well. 


4. Tags tags tags
YouTube is one giant search engine, just like Google. Relevant keywords in the title and description are key. And tags are the cherry on the cake. Below we listed a few tips on how to select the right keywords and tags.

  • Begin with tags that are most relevant for your story. What will be explained in the video? 
  • Add tags with spelling mistakes (people make a lot of spelling mistakes while using a search engine)
  • Use the YouTube keyword tool to discover more relevant keywords.   


5. Putting the animation video on your website
Now your cool animation is on YouTube it's time to put it on your website. Sounds fun and all, but what should you take into account? 

  • Embed the animation from YouTube to your website. This way your website will rank higher on Google. (YouTube is owned by Google)
  • Show off your animation! Put it on a pretty place where everyone can see it. For example, at the top of your homepage.
  • Don't auto play your video! Most people think it's annoying when a video starts automatically.

2. mooore youtube subscribers


The more subscribers you have, the easier it is to keep your followers up to date when something new comes up. And the easier other viewers can find your animation too! But how can you get more subscribers? Below we will describe how you can do this in an easy way.

1. Place the name of your channel in this link (replace funkeanimations)
If someone clicks on this link, they will be automatically asked to subscribe to your channel!


2. Do not mention the whole URL, but use a hyperlink
Example: Follow us on Youtube! Click on this link to subscribe to our channel! 


3. Distribute your link
Share the link with your customers and colleagues. Put it on your site, add it to your newsletter and add it to your e-mail signature. Even ask external partners to share and help get those much desired followers.

3. start an online campaign

Alright, so you posted your animation video online? Check! Have an awesome title? Check! Collecting subscribers all over the place? Nice job! But  you want more? Of course you do! So... what's next? Three options:

1. Write a blog about your animation
Writing a blog in general is always a great way to show your expertise and give visitors of your site a reason to return regularly. And a new animation? HA! The perfect excuse to write a nice story about your product or plans. So what are the most important things to look for when writing a blog?

  • It's not a tweet, or a 75 second animation. No, blogs are usually a bit longer, think more along the lines of 300 words or more.
  • Draw attention with your introduction. You can do this by addressing your target audience directly or introduce an interesting fact. ("An entire script and storyboard in just 3 hours? Yeah right!") This will trigger people to continue reading.
  • Place links to other pages on your site in the blog article. This way, readers can easily find other more information about you or your product after they've read your article.
  • Add illustrations to your blog! Use for example screenshots of your animation. We can of course help you out with this! Contact us for more information and advice.


2. Use online banners
Are you using your animation as a part of a marketing campaign? Then use it everywhere consistently by creating online banners! With for example a cool scene from your animation or combine a character with a nice punch line. We do that too... looks awesome right? 


3. YouTube pre-rolls
Pre-rolls are those short commercials that you see just before an actual video starts on YouTube. A pre-roll is about 10 to 60 seconds long and you can select a super specific target audience. Everyone that loves cats that play the piano for example... or ehh... everyone that watches videos about the newest software developments. Whatever you want. And because Youtube is one of the most used search engines in the world, no matter how specific your target audience is, you still reach a lot of people. Based on your animation video we can make a pre-roll for you. Or perhaps you want something completely different. We can always give advice!

4. distribute the animation externally


So how do you start spreading the word? Online, offline, face to face, new customers or perhaps a specific audience? Here are the basics to get started!

 1. Always be ready to show your animation video
Ah! Somebody asks about your new product, animation-showing-time! Getting out your phone, opening your site... aannd... uh-oh. Slow connection. And while you're waiting for a page to load, the original asker has lost interest and wandered off. No. Always put the file on your device! We always supply a smaller .mp4 file that won't take up that much space. And when someone asks... Tadahh! You start your video right away.


2. Put a link in your e-mail signature
With every... single... contact you have with your clients or suppliers you instantly share your video. And ask your colleagues to do the same. For example:


3. Add the animation video to your newsletter
Adding a video to your newsletter can strongly increase the number of clickers! To prevent your e-mail from being labeled as spam, it’s better to add an image or screenshot of the video with the link, instead of adding the video itself.


4. Show the animation on fairs
A great way to reach your audience in a targeted manner is to attend fairs. And therefore a great moment to show your animation. Unfortunately most fairs do not allow any video’s to be played with sound. We highly recommend you to use a soundless video with subtitles. We can make a customised short animation video for fairs or/and add subtitles. Contact us if you want to know more.


5. Distribute the animation via social media
Do not only distribute the animation via your official social channels, but ask your colleagues to share the it too. That way, everybody can contribute to making it a succes! To reach a larger audience you can also buy advertisements via Facebook or LinkedIn.


6. Make use of your own network
Ask your fellow colleagues and partners to put the animation video on their website or social media.



5. distribute the animation internally 

Most of the time animation videos will be used in the organisation to inform or persuade them, mostly it’s about new intern policy. Bigger companies can find it difficult to reach everybody. How can you make sure you reach all your colleagues?

1. The basics
Below we will give you advice on first steps to take in distributing your animation video internally.

  • Put the animation video on the intranet.
  • Send your colleagues an e-mail with the link to your animation video. If we’re talking about a huge amount of people, you could consider designing a newsletter fort this.
  • Show your animation video in business presentations. This way you can directly reach a large amount of your colleagues. Also, the animated videos we make are specifically made for moments like these where you won’t lose the attention of your colleagues.
  • Do you have television screens in your office? If so, it would be perfect to also show your video on those screens. We recommend you to play a soundless version with subtitles. For more advice and information, contact us here.


2. Supporting materials
Do you have a custom style? If so, we can make illustrations based on the characters in your animation. These can be used for posters in your office. Also, we can develop flyers, illustrations, a special webpage or even special t-shirts just like Deloitte did! (read the case here). An other option is to make use of an infographic, click here for more information about infographics. We would gladly help you out with developping illustrations and making a draft of a communication plan. Contact us to make an appointment.

6. use my animation internationally


Are you also going to use the animation outside the Netherlands? No Problem! Make sure your animation video is available in different languages or add subtitles to the video. We can translate the animation into every language!

Subtitles are also very convenient when you aren’t able to play your video with sound. This often happens witch screens in the office, cantine or at a fair. If the preferred subtitles of the video is in the same language, we can do this for free!

Ask for more information

7. use additional illustrations

Many of our clients use the animation as part of a bigger campagin and therefore most of the time they need more material. As a creative company, we can of course help you through this process! Below are several options.

1. Screenshots
Did you choose for a custom style video? If so, we can deliver screenshots of your animation for free. You can use this for your website or social media. Contact  us if you're interested. Note: screenshots are not suited for prints.


2. Custom artwork
Did you choose for a custom style? Then we can send you all the artwork in a photoshop file for free. Your own designers are free to use these files however they want. We can also make the illustrations for you. These illustrations can be used for posters, flyers, social media or the website. We would gladly advice you on how to use your extra materials. Contact us for more information.


3. Standard artwork
Did you choose a standard style? (vintage, business of handy) Then we can make you an illustration based on your briefing. These illustrations can of course be used for your posters, flyers, social media or website. Need some advice? We will help you out! Leave your information here and we will call you back.

8. use an infographic


If you want to explain your concept in an other way, you can also choose for an infographic! Just like our animation videos, our purpose for the infographic is to simply explain your story super clear. The infographic can be used for your social media or you can print it out as a poster. Contact us for more information and prices.

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