Boost your animation's performance with our top tips.

Boost your animation's performance with our top tips

So now you have your own animation. Awesome!

But how do you ensure you reach your entire target audience?

External Communication

Do you want to use your animation to explain something to customers or suppliers? Read more about distributing your animation to an external target audience here:

Tips for external communication

Tips for external communication

Internal Communication

Do you want to use the animation to explain a new change, policy or strategy within your company? Learn more about distributing animations internally here:

Tips for internal communication

Tips for internal communication

Stay up to date with the latest tips and tricks for animations!


1. Put the animation online

Yes! Your animation is ready, now it's time to distribute it online. But there are so many options online, what is the best channel for your audience?


1. Upload the animation to YouTube

Even if you only want to have the animation on your website, it's still useful to upload the video to YouTube. Having a whole video loaded to your homepage takes a long time and of course nobody has time to waste. With Youtube, you can easily embed your video on your website and load it directly to avoid loading times. They're also far easier to share on social media! Not a fan of YouTube? No problem; sites such as vimeo and wistia are great alternatives!


2. Choosing a good title

A good title is absolutely essential, it ensures that your video is easily findable and people immediately know what it's about. Nobody will search for a vague title, so make one that describes everything in your video very clearly. Take for example, a summary sentence from the script "Product A: all your documents in one place!". With a title like this, there's no way your audience will be confused or misled.


3. A clear description

For the description under the YouTube video, the same applies as for the title: clarity! Make sure you clearly and concisely explain what happens in the video. This also will make it significantly easier for people to find your animation. Do you have several animations? Make sure that the descriptions are consistently structured in the same way. YouTube will recognise this and recommend one of the other animations to people who have seen your animation.


4. Tags, tags, tags

YouTube is an enormous search engine, just like Google. Relevant words in the title and description help enormously and the tags at the bottom are the icing on the cake! Below are a few tips to find your tags:

a) Start with tags that are relevant to your story. What is explained in the animation?

b) Add tags with common spelling mistakes (people often make spelling mistakes when searching)!

c) Use a keyword tool for even more relevant keywords.


5. Upload the animation onto your website

So if you already have the video on YouTube, the next step is to put the animation on your website. Sounds nice, but there are a few important things to keep in mind:

a) Embed the animation from YouTube onto your website. Adding the explanation animation on YouTube increases the findability of your website (keep in mind YouTube is from Google).

b) Place the animation in a prominent place, such as right at the top of your home page.

c) Don't let the video play automatically! Many people find this annoying.

2. More YouTube subscribers

The more subscribers you have, the more people will be kept informed when a new animation appears, and the better your animations can be found. Of course this all sounds great, but how do you get those lovely subscribers? Below we describe a few quick methods:


1. Put the name of your channel in this link (in place of funkeanimations)
When someone clicks on this link, they are immediately asked if they want to subscribe to your channel!


2. Do not use the full link, use hyperlinks in a shorter word

Example: Follow us on youtube now! Click here to subscribe!


3. Spread the link

Give the link to your customers and colleagues. Place it on the website, add it to the newsletter and to your email signature. Or even share it with your partners!


3. Start an online campaign

Okay so the animation is online? Check! Good title and description? Check! Gaining subscribers? On a roll! But you want more? Yes! Read on for ways to even further boost your animation's performance:


1. Write a blog post about the animation
A blog is the perfect way to share your knowledge and to promote your animation and website. What factors are the most important when writing a blog post?

(A) Don't make the blog post too short. A good blog post needs at least 300 words to build a convincing message.
(B) Start with an appealing first paragraph that invites you to continue reading. A few good ways to do this inclde directly addressing your target group, or begin with a striking fact that makes people want to know more.
(C) Place links to other pages on your website in the blog article! This way you can ensure that visitors have the opportunity to easily explore more of your website if they are interested in your content.
(D) Add images! It's always a good idea to break up the blog post with some attractive images. A few screenshots from your animation would work well, but we can help you with this! Contact us to learn more.


2. Use online banners
Are you using your animation as part of a marketing campaign? Then implement your campaign consistently with online banners. A cool scene from your animation might just be the perfect content you need for your new online banner!


3. YouTube pre-rolls

A pre-roll is a short commercial that is shown before a YouTube video is played. A pre-roll takes between 10 and 60 seconds. With a YouTube pre-roll, you can select the target group based on very specific criteria. And because YouTube is the most used search engine alongside Google, you can reach a massive number of people simultaneously. Funk-e can also produce pre-roll versions based on your animation! 


4. Distribute your animation

Whether you want to attract new customers or inform a specific target group. It's all possible with an animation! We've made over 5,000 productions, so here are a few tips we've learned along the way:


1. Always have your animation ready at hand
So someone asks about your awesome new product, time to show the explanation animation! But perhaps your internet connection is slow, or your animation cannot be found on YouTube. And before you know it, the person asking has already left. Always make sure that you have the explanation animation downloaded onto your phone or tablet. We deliver a smaller .mp4 file as standard, which is perfect for keeping on your portable devices. So if anyone ever asks you what you are doing, not a problem! Explanation animation ready at hand.


2. Put a link to the animation in your email signature 

And ask your colleagues to do the same!


3. Add the animation to the newsletter 
Adding a video to a newsletter can enormously increase the number of people who click through! However, adding a video file to your newsletter makes it quite large, so your newsletter may end up in the spam folder. To prevent this, it is best to add an image or screenshot of the animation with a link to the page where you have uploaded your animation.


4. Show the animation at trade shows

Having a stand at a trade show is a great way to reach your target audience in a targeted and personalised way. This makes it the ideal moment to show your explanation animation! Unfortunately, many trade fairs will not allow you to play video with sound on, and even with the ones that do, often it's too loud and busy in the hall to really hear what's going on. Fortunately we make audio free explanation animations with subtitles! These versions are perfect to run on your screens at a trade fair all day long so that you never miss an opportunity to talk with a potential lead.


5. Spread the animation via social media

Social media can be the ideal way to spread your animation to a large, international audience for a very low cost. Ask your colleagues to share the animation to help spread it even further! Want to reach even more people? You can sponsor your post on social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn to increase the audience you reach!


6. Use your professional network

In addition to your colleagues, ask partners to place the animation on their website and social media.


5. Distribute your animation internally

Explanation animations are a great tool to inform, convince or motivate people within your organisation. Whether it is an annual report, an internal vision or a totally new process. With large organisations, it becomes difficult to reach everyone quickly and in a way that is clear and understandable. So how can you ensure that as many of your colleagues as possible view the animation?


1. The basics
Below are a number of logical first steps that can be taken to distribute the animation internally:

(A) Place the animation on the intranet
(B) Send your colleagues an email with a link to the animation. If this concerns a large number of people, you could also send out a newsletter. Keep in mind that the subject of your mail is very important. This should be like an invitation to your colleagues as to why they should open the email, so make sure it stands out.
(C) Show the animation at the start of a business presentation. Our animations are specifically produced to captivate viewers and maintain attention during these types of presentations, so it's a great way to give your presentation a colourful and informative boost!
(D) Do you have TV screens in the office? Or perhaps in the canteen? These are ideal places to play your animation! Add subtitles underneath, so that the animation can also be understood without sound. 


2. Supporting materials
Do you have a custom style? Then we can develop images based on the characters in the animation! You could use these on posters in the office, flyers, websites, presentations or even print them on T-shirts like Deloitte! Alternatively, you could also use an infographic - the ideal way to follow up an animation with interesting facts and information.


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