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HAL allergy what are allergies?
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we explain with animation videos...

always a clear story

Explaining something clearly. Whether it’s a new product, concept or internal policy. It’s tricky. Nobody reads your perfectly constructed sentences, and explaining your story to everyone word for word… well… you don’t have time for that. And are you sure people actually get it?

So how can you explain it?

Have an animated explanation made! Also known as an explanimation! These are animation videos of 75 seconds that explain your story super clearly. What can you do with that? Well, use it internally, externally, online, as a company video, in sales presentations or marketing campaigns. Yeah, whatever you can think of! It’s possible.

At Funk-e we focus on the core of your story and explain it as simply as possible. Every day we fight confusing buzzwords, vague slogans and waaay too much information. If you can’t explain something clearly, don’t do it at all.


Our animations are made to grab the attention of the viewer. We use humor because it's recognizable. And in the end, it all matches up perfectly: the story, the visuals, and the sound. That’s how our explaining experts have made over 1,000 animations for all sorts of clients.


how we work.

all our animations have the same script writing and storyboard proces...

preparation is key

We gather the initial information. What would you like to explain, what do you want to achieve and which kind of animation do you want?

script & storyboard

During a meeting all information will be discussed. Two explanation experts will write a script and visualize your story. This way you can give feedback right away. Saves a lot of e-mails..

the production

The text will be recorded, the characters are animated and the sound effects are made. Then, your story is ready to be shared with the world!


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