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complex topics explained with realistic images...

So, you want to explain clients or colleagues how a certain software works. Or what different buttons do on a new device... For these kind of things realistic images can be more clear than animation.

We introduce Funk-e Video! In 75 seconds your topic is explained super clearly with realistic images. The process is the same clear and effortless process we used to make 1.500 productions, but this time with video. Want to know more? Request more information.

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how do we work?

a custom made explanation video!

We have a stable work process with which we allready made 1500 productions. Our team of experts know exactly how to explain complex topics clearly. We have different types of video, from simple (can be made in only five days!) to extended.

Contact us for more information about the possibilities of your own explanation video!

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why an explanation video?

So, you have this new product and want everyone to love it! Unfortunately not everyone understands your product... Explaining a new product isn't easy! There are sooo many functions and endless options. Also, to make it do what you want you have to press the right buttons!

You can make an animation to explain this, but sometimes it's more effective to show realistic images and to make an explanation video! Not only products, but also apps and software can be explained super clearly this way!


how does our studio work?

What we do is explaining complex topics in a simple way. It new that we now also use realistic images to do this, in the form of a video! The explanation video is available in three levels: Simple (only takes 5 business days to make!), Basic and Extended. So do you have to explain something where realistic images are important? Choose an explanation video!