Project manager

for our office in düsseldorf

Funk-e (Rotterdam) is looking for an account manager with 3-5 years of previous experience to support our team in Rotterdam.

how you can help us grow

As an account manager you’ll be selling our awesome animations. You’ll be handling incoming sales, initiating outgoing sales by cold calling and making appointments. You’ll be pitching for deals.

Next to pure sales you’ll also push sales by consulting clients. We have many clients that need to be advised. You’ll sit down with our clients to understand their challenges and discuss these with our creative team to come up with new products.

We also need a bit of structure in our sales processes, you can always help us improve our sales channels and come up with new techniques.

This function is for 40 hours a week.

how awesome you need to be

We are looking for someone with at least three to five years of previous experience in account management in the media sector. You are interested in communication and marketing. You have at least a Dutch HBO degree, or its international equivalent.

You are structured and you are analytically strong. You are able to structure sales processes and implement new sales strategies. You can improve sales channels and set up new partnerships. But you’ll also go to clients yourself, you're an awesome pitcher (so awesome you could even give pitch trainings).

Funk-e distinguishes itself with its working process and experience, not all clients recognize this, and therefore they focus more on the animation than the explanation. As an account manager you are able to identify with the problems clients may face and act on that, as well as showing them the way we operate and guide projects.

You don’t mind working with a young and informal team, and you don’t mind your superiors being young as well. We like to turn things upside down, so things can change really fast.

You are able to work independently. Since the founding of Funk-e we have been experiencing insane growth, which means there is always more happening than we can cope with. So if you get a project, you’ll have to find out a lot of things on your own.

what we do

At Funk-e we make animated explanations. Which means, we make videos that explain how something works. For example, a new concept from an innovative start-up, how the internal business strategy of a big company is going to change next year, or what a new product could mean for its customers. To make a clear explanation it is essential to write a well-structured script, without any industry related terms or knowledge (buzzwords). Explainers guide clients through the process of writing a clear story. This all happens in live-sessions. Want to see how it works? Check our movie here.

how awesome we are

Funk-e started in 2009 in Rotterdam as a small project of two students but has grown into one of the biggest players in the animated explanation market in the Netherlands. We work with a steady team of about 25 people divided amongst two offices in Rotterdam and Berlin. The Dutch is office is basically the main office and is the bigger one, but our German office is growing.

In March of 2013 we broadened our horizon and opened a second office in Berlin. This was our first step on the international market, but surely not our last.

The average age of our team lies between 25 and 28 years old. We see ourselves as mature children, which means we work hard but never lose our childish sense of humor. We like skateboarding through our office and deny the existence of suits and ties

And we recently got nominated for the Rotterdamse Ondernemersprijs and we won a Gouden Gazellen for the region West-Holland.

to infinity and beyond

The position that we offer is for Funk-e Animations, but Funk-e is only the beginning of the Empire of Awesome (literally, this is the name of our holding company). The Empire of Awesome is a bunch of companies that all, well the name already says it.., make awesome products and services.

In the past five years we managed to build an international media firm that has major clients and does over a million revenue per year with just a little student pocket money (no investors!). All because we refused to let go of our attitude and stuck to what we believed in.

We never started this company with the idea of setting up one media company. We’ve always wanted to build a Virgin like company (different companies with one brand). That’s why we’re starting new companies right now like Pitch-e (presentation trainings), Wheel-e (skateboards), Jingl-e ( music), Fans-e (TV productions) and a new IT company.

We’re planning on taking over the world! So when you work for Funk-e, there is ample opportunity to work for the Empire and make a transfer one day. Maybe, to the holding company or to a company that you have invented.. So sign up now, the Empire needs you ;)

how to apply

Please contact Richard Schepers ( or 010-4132734) for applications.