why an explanimation ?
complex topics clear in 75 seconds!

Explaining a product to customers or clarifying a new policy to your colleagues… it can be such a hassle. And keeping it short? That seems impossible! So, how DO you make your message clear? 

Have an explanimation video made! This is a short animation video in which every subject can be explained clearly. We’ve already made over 1.738 explanimations. Contact us for more information.

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how do we work?
have an explanimation video made within 1 week!

After making over 1.738 explanimations, we at Funk-e have created a consistent process which allows us to make explanimations super fast! Check out the video to see how we work!

We make different types of explanimations, like simple and standard ones, all the way up to your own personalized style! Use our animation picker to decide which style you prefer.

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what’s an explanimation?

At Funk-e we make explanimations. That sounds really fancy, doesn’t it? But, what does that exactly mean? Simply put, we explain all kinds of topics with clear and understandable language. We do this with animated videos. In a little over a minute we’ll explain any topic, no matter how difficult, complex or abstract. We can do this because everything is possible in an explanimation video.


a structured explanimation

To create a really good explanimation video, it’s important to have a well-structured story. At Funk-e we’ve got our own experts for this, our Explainers. They’ll explain the most complicated products in a simple way. And boom! The concept for your explanimation is already there!

Once we’ve got a well-structured story and a clear script, our visualizers make sure it all looks good. You’ll get an explanimation in which text and visuals are perfectly matched. This way your story will be crystal clear in only 75 seconds! 

Do you want to know what our explanimations look like? Contact us or take a look in our portfolio!