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Oftentimes, employees carrying out operational activities don’t tend to speak the same language as the management, they don’t have to stick to the same safety rules, and they don’t feel responsible for work safety. So how do you fix this fast to reduce the number of accidents? Now that is a question we have been asked – and have responded to – many times. In fact, it is how we arrived at the formula for success we call the Instant Safety Campaign. And now you can use it too!
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The Instant Safety Campaign is a ready-made campaign featuring the most common safety instructions. We can adjust the various explanatory products easily to your corporate style and technical jargon. You no longer have to rack your brain to figure out what the most important things are that you should communicate. And what's really awesome: you’ll get all the tools and resources in less than 10 days so you can start communicating!
Don’t want to use the entire campaign or want to add other topics that need explaining? Sure! Our account manager will be happy to explore the options with you.

Below you’ll find the various sections of the Instant Safety Campaign:

an introduction to safety

The first step in the campaign clearly explains to your co-workers why safety is important. This instantly grabs their attention and lays the foundation for personal responsibility.

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animation: why safety is relevant to you

poster: the importance of working safety


This section explains the main hazards and which accidents they can cause. This includes things like tripping hazards and falling objects. It gives your co-workers a better picture of the situations they need to be more aware of.  

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animation: the most frequent accidents

infographic: how to prevent accidents

optional: working at height

All kinds of things can go wrong when working at height. That’s why it gets a little extra attention. These tools encourage your co-workers to take action, telling them exactly what they should do.

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animatie: tips for working at height

infographic: working safely at height

narrowcasting: repetition and reference

taking responsibility

Reporting unsafe situations and calling out co-workers can prevent many accidents. This section focuses on calling people out and explains the best way to do this.

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animation: calling out co-workers

poster: notifying those responsible

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