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Funk-e makes infographics in which your product, process or data is explained clearly with informative illustrations. Take a look at our examples below or request more information.



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nedvang verpakkingsafval
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casade inkomsten & uitgaven

what does an infographic do?

explains product, process or data clearly

Explaining complex products, processes or data clearly to your target audience. It’s not easy. You know everything about it, but you want others to do too! For example, how do you explain work processes clearly to colleagues? Or how do you make sure your product is super clear for customers? It’s a tough job…

So how do you make information clear for your target audience?

With an infographic! This helps to explain your product, process or data with clear and attractive illustrations. You can use the infographic in several ways. You can, for example, use it during sales pitches, put it online on your website and social platforms or share it with colleagues.

Take a look in our portfolio to get a better picture of what our infographics look like!


all benefits and details of your product or service clearly explained to customers.


a clear overview of a (working)process or a timeline of your strategy.


make statistics or financial figures understandable.

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