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why a medical animation ?

processes, treatments or illnesses… we explain it in 75 seconds!

Explaining a medical process or illness can be challenging. You might be able to explain what a hematoma on your gluteus maximus is, if you try reaaal hard, but how do you explain Crohn disease clearly?

At Funk-e, we like to explain difficult topics to your clients and colleagues using animations! Watch one of our 1.738 examples to get an impression of our animation videos, or contact us directly!

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how do we work?

a medical animation made within one week!

After having made health animations for various companies such as Bayer and many hospitals, we’ve gained a lot of experience. We’ve developed a solid process, which allows us to make animations extremely fast! Look at our video for an impression of our process.

We have made different types of medical animations, varying from a simple standard, to a fully customized style! Use our animation picker to see which style you prefer!

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how do you explain medical topics clearly?

So, you want to explain a difficult medical process, a new treatment or a complicated disease. You know everything about this topic. But… if you try to explain your story to everyone separately, it will take ages! And chances are, when you’re finally done explaining, your target audience STILL doesn’t really get it. So how ARE you going to explain your whole story to everyone?

BOOM! Introducing… a health animation from Funk-e! At Funk-e we make short 2D animation videos. These are also known as animated explanations or explanimations. In 75 seconds, we explain your process, treatment or illness, in such a way everyone will understand. It doesn’t matter how complicated, specific or unclear the topic is. By using clear language and visuals that perfectly match the text, your healthcare animation becomes clear for everyone!


what is the medical animation going to look like?

It is up to you what your medical animation is going to look like. At Funk-e we have three different styles: the Extended with a lot of detail and movement, the Basic that can explain EVERYTHING, and the super-fast Simple that can be made in only two days! Not awesome enough? Well, we also have various Standard Funk-e styles you can choose from. Still not awesome enough? Especially for you we can also make your own Custom style! After this is settled, our Funk-e experts start making your health animation!

Now, you don’t have to explain your story to everyone separately anymore, you can just show your healthcare animation! And did you know, you can use your health animation in countless ways, both internally and externally? You can put the animation video on your website or intranet, or even use it on fairs!

Do you want to know more? Contact us or have a look at our portfolio including health animations for the Ministry of Health, the Dutch Olympics Committee and Bayer!