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So health is important to every single human being on earth. And of course healthcare is too. Unfortunately explaining a complex medical study, a spectacular new treatment or an upcoming disease isn’t easy. Medical terms are vague, complicated and ehh… let’s be honest, only some doctors really understand what they mean. So how about the rest of the world? Health is important for everyone in the world right? How can you explain your whole story to everyone?

How we can help you
Introducing… Funk-e animations! At Funk-e we make short 2D animation videos. Also known as animated explanations or explanimations! We explain your study, treatment or disease in 75 seconds or less! It doesn’t matter how complex, vague or ehh… even really sensitive. With clear language and visuals that perfectly match your story, we can make sure everyone will understand it.

The process
In our face to face session, we dig into your story, every little detail and translate it to an awesome script and storyboard. We can even make sure the animation fits your branding. And then… you can use the animations at lectures, on your website, in the waiting room or even use it when you’re talking to a patient and want to show the diagnosis. Want to know more about the process? Watch our animation!

Now, you can explain any complex story in just 75 seconds and people will understand it. In just 75 seconds! Ha… you’ll have so much time left to go into detail about the specific treatment, the results of the study, whatever you want! 

More information
Do you want to know more? Contact us or have a look at one of our user-cases, for example NVACP. Or have a look at some other awesome examples in our portfolio.

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some of our examples:

NVACP addison crisis
bioneedle 21st century vaccination

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