How we find the best approach for your project.

The Project Scan explained

Finding what you need for your project can be a challenge. Every project has different audiences, ambitions and impact. With our Project Scan, we discover what approach fits your project best!

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Step 1:
1-hour intake

It starts with an intake, over the phone or with a video call, where we discuss your project, goals and audiences. With our method we can get all the information we need in just one hour! 

Project Scan Step 1: 1-hour intake, focusing on the conversation with the client, by discussing all assets available.
Funk-e Project Scan Step 1: 1-hour intake
Funk-e Project Scan Step 2: Analysis, focusing on organising the complexity of a project.
Step 2 from our Project Scan: Analysis

Step 2:

By making your ambitions tangible, we understand how your project impacts your audience and company. That helps us determine the complexity of your project and the best approach.

Step 3:
Advice report

We present the advice, with a clear summary and our recommendations, face to face or with a video call. You can also use this report to discuss your project with colleagues and convince them of the best approach as well.

Funk-e Project Scan Step 3: Advice report, focusing on presenting the advice to a client, that is tangible and easy to understand.
Step 3 Project Scan: Advice Report

Convinced? Find out your best approach for your project!