Make Your Content Recognisable with a Unique Style

Do you want your animation or infographic to stand out with a unique style? Or do you want one recognisable style for your entire campaign?


We can develop an illustration style for all media that you create with us. So  you have your own visual look and feel that matches the identity of your company or  campaign.

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The devil is in the details

It's the little things that make something recognisable. For example, that special building or the beard of that one colleague. With your own illustration style you bring these kinds of details - which are characteristic of your subject or the target group - to life. This way you make your animation, infographic or e-learning recognisable and attractive.


In a campaign it is also important to communicate an unambiguous, recognisable image. This way, your target group recognises at a glance that it is about your subject for every piece of media. Whether it is an email, poster or animation. Due to this constant visual repetition, your target group will remember your message better.


You receive all user rights for the style that we develop especially for you. This way you can use the illustrations and characters for anything. For example on a sticker on your company car or a banner on your website.

Het zijn vaak de kleine dingen die iets herkenbaar maken, bijvoorbeeld dat aparte gebouw of de baard van die ene collega. Met een eigen illustratiestijl kun je dit perfect visualiseren. Zo spreekt hij ook meer aan. Dit helpt om effectiever te communiceren. Om een zo goed mogelijke eigen stijl te ontwikkelen is het belangrijk om in de schoenen van je doelgroep te gaan staan. En bij een eigen stijl krijg je ook nog alle rechten, zodat je de illustraties en karakters overal voor kan gebruiken. Bijvoorbeeld op een sticker op je bedrijfsauto of op je website.

Which style is right for you?

With your own style development you can choose from two types: Basic or Extended.


How extensive your style is depends on how much and what types of media you want. For example, an infographic is static, while an animation is moving and an e-learning is interactive.


Feel free to contact us if you want to know more. Our account managers are happy to help you!

Custom Basic

Want your own look, but low on time or budget? Go for a Basic illustration style that matches your wishes and corporate identity.

sample custom basic

Custom Extended

Is realism important? Or do you really want to convince? With your unique Extended style, every situation comes to life with emotion.

sample custom extended

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