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Remind everybody of your campaign or key messages by using posters or stickers! With posters, you make sure to bring your digital communication campaign to the physical world and to make your message stick!


Stickers can be used to easily highlight one key message from your campaign. Is there one important action that is expected from your target audience? Use a sticker to remind them of that action! With posters and stickers, you bring your digital campaign to the offline world.

Visible Online & Offline

Bring your digital communicationcampaign to the offline world

The good thing about digital communicationcampaigns is: They are online! You can reach almost everybody in the entire world within seconds. But when you are dealing with target groups that are not easily reachable online, you have a problem. That's why we offer posters and stickers as an add-on to your digital communicationcampaign. 


Posters can be put up everywhere your target group is. In a physical workspace, the canteen, next to the coffee machine, you name it. They are in line with your digital communication assets and remind your target group of the campaign. And can increase the exposure significantly, especially if your target group isn't online every day.


Stickers can be used digitally or in print. Basically, it's an image with a little bit of text that reminds the audience of one key message or action that is expected from them. Obviously, if your audience has seen your animation or infographic, the characters used on the sticker will be recognisable. And the sticker will help you increase the likeliness of your employees doing whatever you asked from them - as they come across that exact message again and again.


Curious about what posters or stickers could do for you? Contact us to find out!

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