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You made a great infographic or animation? Awesome! Now, it's time to get it to your target audience! How? Well, let's introduce you to our email templates!


Our email template fits the style of your animation or infographic and catches the attention of the target group. The email you will be sending out has one clear call-to-action: Look at the great stuff you made!

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Send Your Animation Out to the World!

Use our email templates to get the word out about your infographic or animation

Sometimes, the easiest way to reach your target audience is an email. Afterall, almost all employees have an email address and check their inbox daily. So once your cool new animation or infographic is ready and you want them to see it, you send an email. But wouldn't it be a shame to direct them to your awesome infographic or animation with a plain email? 


That's why we came up with our email templates. The template always matches the style of your infographic or animation. That certainly catches the eye when your employees open their email! And there is one clear message: All elements within the email say that they really, really need to watch the animation or have a closer look at the infographic. And with an eye-catching email and interesting content, you easily increase the visibility of your campaign materials. Isn't that awesome?


Sounds good? Get in touch! We will happily help you to find the perfect solution to get the word about your communication campaign out to the world!

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