E-learning: Make an Impact in 15 Minutes

In our e-learning modules, we use our explanation expertise to get to the core of your topic and deliver the most impact. With the gamification element, you can actually make sure to monitor real impact. The result: An engaged target group a message that sticks.


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How can you make an 

effective and attractive e-learning?

The purpose of an e-learning is to introduce and instruct your target group an internal change. But this information only sticks when you keep the message short and sweet.


More and more people are working remotely. As a result, we see many creative and innovative working methods. But does that also apply to your current e-learning modules? We've seen too many e-learning modules that are infinitely long and packed with information.


With our 10+ years of experience as clear explanation specialists, we've developed an e-learning structure of maximum 15 minutes. Together, we can ensure that the message you want to convey stays with your target group and that your internal change becomes a success.


A complete story, from introduction to instruction.

Online & offline

More than just online, due to downloadable elements.


With visual storytelling, we bring your message to life.

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