Explain Complex Topics in a Simple Way with an Animation!

Make sure your audience gets your message right away! With an animation, you can explain complex topics in a simple way to every audience. Quick, clear and easy!

Why an animation?

Make complex topics understandable.

Are you about to communicate a complex topic to your target audience? Do you want to inform your employees, partners or clients about your new strategy or a comparable change within the organisation? Don't start writing long emails or creating presentations with countless slides! An animation helps you to explain any complex topic in a simple and understandable way.


How it works? Well, an animation makes your topic visual. And human brains are wired to understand visuals more easily than written text. And by using characters that match your company branding, we help your audience understand what you want to say with recognizable situations. This way, it only takes us about 75 to 90 seconds to explain your complex topic. And our team of creatives and explainers makes sure that's enough to make sure your audience understands it, too. Awesome, isn't it?

Interested? Take a look at
some examples of our work!

ID Cloud


3D Printing

Dutch Ministry of Defence

Energiemanagement zon & wind




Verduurzamen industrie


Verduurzamen kwaliteitsregistratie

Federatie Medisch Specialisten



Digital Transformation


Etiketten vergelijken - Suiker


Being active together


Parkinson's Disease




Richard, the hero of Hornbach



Airbus Foundation


Linx IT

How do we work?

Script & storyboard within four hours!

Obviously, you want your new animation to be ready as soon as possible. We totally get that! That's why we developed our very own Funk-e process to make cool animations. Together with you, we plan a four hour session. Sounds long? Maybe, but we won't only discuss the topic and the possibilities with you but also start working on the script and the storyboard!


This way, you can give the first round of feedback straight away. In the end of the session, you have a pretty good idea of what your final animation will look like. And we have something to start working on! To make it even easier, we work with three different styles in our animation. From different basics ones in the colors of your organisation to custom illustrative styles, we got you covered!

What's the best style for your animation?

At Funk-e, we work with three different styles. It's up to you tif you choose one of our basic styles or if you get your very own custom style! In all cases, we make sure the animation is completely in line with your branding.


Difficulties to choose a style? No problem, we like to make it as easy as possible for you! Get in touch and we'll help you figure out which styles suits your needs best. In each case, we will make sure to explain your topic and get your message across! 


Limited time or budget? Get started right away with one of our three basic Funk-e illustration styles in your own company colors.

sample basic

Custom Basic

Want an animation in your own style but still need it quickly? Choose our Custom Basic style that matches your corporate identity.

sample custom basic

Custom Extended

Really want to convince your audience? Impress with your very own illustrative style. It's completely customized and fits your branding perfectly!


sample custom extended
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