Internal communication can be quite complicated. How could you possibly reach all your employees at the right time with the right message to implement change? And how do you measure if you were successful? We're here to help!

Hoe zorg je dat jouw verandertraject succesvol wordt gecommuniceerd? Hoe krijg je iedereen binnen de organisatie mee in jou verandering en hoe meet je vervolgens dit succes? Dit zijn zomaar 3 vragen waar onze consultants zich dagelijks mee bezig houden. We zijn niet de change manager maar wel de architect van de interne communicatie rondom het change project.

Tailormade internal communication solutions

There's a lot to take into account when it comes to internal communication. It's crucial to reach everybody with the right message at the right time, especially when you want to implement change. Our consultants help you to develop a clear and efficient internal communication strategy based on the needs and knowledge level of your internal target audiences. And they make everything measurable, too! That way, you always have data to rely on when planning your next steps. For a successful and efficient change implementation!

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explanation map

Reach everybody with the right message!

Sometimes, it takes more than one email, infographic or animation to get your message across. But what's the best way to share your information with several communication assets? And in which order? We got you covered! Let's work out your Explanation Map!

internal communication maturity model

Know the level of your internal communication strategy!

To give you a clear picture of the different levels of internal communication, we developed the Internal Communication Maturity Model. It helps you to understand the current level of your internal communication strategy and to analyse what is necessary to bring it to a higher level. That way you can transform your top-down internal communication approach into an interactive dialogue with your employees for a successful implementation of any change project!

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