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The Dutch organisation Parlan Jeugdhulp was facing an internal change process: the implementation of the new electronic medical record (ECD). A huge digital transformation that required good internal communication and training of employees.




Since 2020, organizations within the Dutch healthcare sector are obliged to provide digital access to clients' healthcare files. To do so in a secure way, the sector has introduced the Electronic Medial Record (ECD).

Of course, it is crucial that all employees of organizations within the healthcare industry work correctly and carefully to guarantee privacy of the clients' data. Parlan Jeugdhulp is one of these organizations and has been working with the ECD for quite some time. However, as of January 2021, they were switching to a new software supplier. 


This requires all employees to learn how to work with the new system correctly.

But, as often with digital transformation, getting the employees to work correctly with a new system was quite a challenge. Many of them felt that the new way of working provides no advantages, but meant more work. In addition, many of them did not have the required digital skills and faced a high workload on a daily basis. Therefore, there was quite some resistance towards the new software.


The challenge: Convert the resistance into motivation. Or in other words: How can we get all internal target audiences on board to work with the new software and make them aware of the advantages of the new software? 


The new software had many advantages, but the target audience was not willing to see them yet. Before we came up with a plan of how to train the employees to be able to use the new system correctly and making sure managers are aware of the overarching vision of the organization, we needed answers to a couple of questions: 


Who is the internal target audience? What is their information need? And which communication channels are available and effective?


Based on the answers to these questions, we came up with our 'topic roadmap' and an internal communication strategy. The most important aspect: Providing the right information for the right person via the right channel at the right time.

And we didn't stop there: To communicate the switch to the new software internally, we developed different digital communication tools as part of the campaign. Focusiing on a positive image and visual storytelling, we made the campaign more attractive for the internal target audience.

The result was a campaign with three phases: 

1. Why

At first, we explained why the new software is important for the target audience and the organization. By creating personas and taking their needs into account, we were able to trigger their motivation and make the topic relevant for them.


2. What

In the second phase, we provided more information about the system. We focussed on explaining certain concepts and knowledge transfer. 


3. How

Eventually, we gave employees access to tools to get started themselves. We explained how they needed to use the new software in a visually attractive way. By using these three phases for our campaign, we helped employees to become curious about the new software and understand the relevance of this digital transformation.


We didn't only come up with the ideal internal communication strategy for Parlan, we also supported them during the rollout of the campaign. By agreeing on targets in advance, we were able to define exactly if the campaign was succesful or not. By measuring the progress during the rollout of the campaign, we could made adjustments where necessary to assure to reach the predefined goals. Obviously, we didn't do this based on our gut-feeling. We used real-time data and rock-solid figures so we knew exactly how the project was going and what we needed to change about our approach to reach our goal.

To ensure a succesful campaign, we basically constantly asked ourselves: Have we reached the target audience with the content they were supposed to see? And did the target audience acquire the required knowledge?


Within a short time, our simple and measurable approach delivered siginificant improvements when it came to knowledge about the new software. However, we also saw that there were some questions employees seemed to struggle with. This was a clear benchmark for Parlan: These were the topics they needed to focus on, and these were the target audience segments that needed more background information to improve their level of knowledge about the software.

As mentioned previously, we made sure that our internal communication campaign for Parlan was measurable. An email campaign was part of our strategy. To make sure to get the message across, we closely monitored the open rate and click-through rate. This showed us how the target audience reacted to the included e-learning module: We were able to see which pages they looked at, where they clicked and how they scored in the quiz. Especially the quiz was important in this campaign: It gave us insights in the (new) knowledge level of the target audience. This way, we knew exactly who needed additional information and who was well prepared for the launch of the new software.

Open rate email campaign

Click-through rate e-learning module


Average score knowledge quiz

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