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24 February 2023

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Are you ready for the biggest change in your organization? Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help you make that happen! With AI in change communications, you can ensure a smooth transition to a new system or process. You’ll be able to communicate effectively and educate employees quickly. Be aware of the challenges that come with implementing AI in change communications, though. But don’t worry, because by the end of this article, you’ll understand the potential of AI and the steps to take to make the most of it. So, let’s dive in and look at the possibilities of AI in change communications!


 Why would you use AI in change communication?

There are many reasons why AI can help you in your change communications.

Here are three big ones why you should jump onboard:



AI can do many things for you, like scheduling and creating content. This'll save you time and money, and leave you with more resources for the important stuff.



AI can process a lot more data, does it faster and is more accurate than humans. This can make your research thorough and more reliable, for example. Which you can use in your change communication to make sure the right message goes to the right person.


Real-time insights

With AI, you get real-time insights which help you make smarter decisions and keeps your change communication aligned with your business goals. 



How can you use AI in your change communications?

So, AI can make your change communications much easier. But how? Let us give you a few examples.


Easy and quick content creation 

AI can quickly generate awesome content for your change campaign, such as blog posts and articles, but also videos or animations. ChatGPT can be used for text, as are many other text AI’s, such as WriterSonic or Rytr. Try out Simplified if you want one subscription for several types of media, including text, graphics, video, and animation.



AI can automate many things, like replying to emails or sending out notifications if anything changes. This already exists in the daily life of a communications professional: just think about email tools. The three best AI tools to use for automating campaigns are ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, and GetResponse. ActiveCampaign is the best AI marketing automation software overall. HubSpot is the best AI marketing automation and CRM system. It has many features like ActiveCampaign, including segmentation and targeting of customers. Finally, GetResponse is the best AI marketing automation platform that is easy to use, with a wide range of features.



AI can also help you to segment your audiences and personalize content. For example, you can write one message, and AI makes sure each recipient receives that message with their name in it. This has already existed in email tools for quite a while, but now there’s also AI video tools available that do this. Try out BHuman if you want to see what we mean. One of the most powerful audience intelligence tools in the market is Audiense, which gives you valuable insights about your target audience. You can extract personality insights to understand the mindset of your audience or specific audience segments. Other audience intelligence tools that use the latest machine learning and AI technology include Affinio, Audience Genomics, People Pattern, Stat Social, Codec, and Demographics Pro.



You can use AI to monitor your change campaign and track results, which provides you with valuable data on which communications are working and which are not. AI can also analyse a company's overall internal communications and recommend changes and improvements on that. You can try out ChatGPT or similar tool as a sparring partner on your strategy, for example. Tools like Asana give you one place to plan and track the progress of any given project.



The challenges on the road

So, AI offers us some nice opportunities in the field of change communications. However, it also has a few challenges. 


Firstly, AI needs data to learn and develop content or predictions. Without enough data to train the AI, it will struggle to give correct insights or to produce content that makes sense. Something we also learned while writing this article, since there’s less available on the internet on AI in change communications, than say, a recipe for chili con carne.


Secondly, AI can be expensive. Although there are many free tools and trials available, these tend to get overloaded, because of the increasing popularity. The ones that don’t are – obviously – not free. 


Finally, AI can still struggle with context. AI models are often designed to analyse data in a very specific way, which means they may overlook or misinterpret subtle nuances that could be important. In other words: you need to give it the right context, to get what you’re looking for. And as we’re all quite new in this, this still takes a bit of training – ourselves. And the result is often not ready to go yet: a human check is at this point mostly still necessary. 




All things considered; you really shouldn’t miss out on this boat. AI can take away a lot of work by helping you automate your communications and generate content quickly. Also, it can help you improve your communications strategy by personalizing communications and analysing a lot of data, so you can improve your change campaign and overall internal communications. It’s all relatively new, so obviously there are some teething pains here and there. It works better if there’s more data available, making it less fit for ground-breaking ideas or content that is not widespread on the internet yet. Also, it’s so popular that the free tools tend to be a bit overloaded, and you need to know how to give it the proper context to get what you want. But all in all, we’re at the verge of something exciting and there’s really nothing that should hold you back. So, get aboard and improve your change communications with AI today!


Footnote: This article was written with the help of AI tools. 

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