6 Books About Internal Communication You Need to Read in 2022

3 January 2022

Internal Communication


New year, new resolutions! Ours will be the same as 2021: Improve the internal communication strategy of our clients on the long term to make sure they reach their employees with the right message at the right time. Sounds pretty easy, doesn't it? Well, we couldn't have done it without reading some books on the topic and learn from different authors. And we don't want to keep that knowledge to ourselves. That's why we'll start off the new year with a list of books you really should read in 2022.

Start With Why

Chances are you already know we love Start with Why by Simon Sinek. And if you have worked with us before, you certainly heard us talk about the WHY-WHAT-HOW approach we use to optimize internal communication strategies. Well, let us tell you a secret: Our very own approach is based on the theory Sinek explains in Start with Why: By first explaining the WHY behind the topic or change you want to communicate, you make it relevant to your (internal) target audience. And once they understand the urgency, they are much more likely to do their best to support you (and the project you are working on). Win-win!

You’re Not Listening

Many people think they are listening to their target audiences, but they are actually not (or at least, not as well as they think they are). They simply prefer talking. It's easier, and it's what society teaches us to do in most situations. But if you really want to make sure your target audience gets your message, you'll need to listen to their points of view and needs first. As always, we know it's kinda hard to change your habits without proper examples and tips. And that's where You're Not Listening: What You're Missing and Why it Matters by Kate Murphy comes in. Once you understand why you should stop talking and start listening, it will be easier to actually do so. We promise.

The Culture Map

Working for an international company? Or at least in an international environment? Then you might have come across a couple of situations where communication wasn't as easy as you expected it to be. And that has mainly to do with the culture people grew up with: It determines how they think and act, not only in everyday life, but also in a business context. Sometimes, there are huge differences, misunderstandings and maybe even problems. Simply because a message is perceived differently by different cultures. And that’s what The Culture Map by Erin Meyer is all about. So if you want to know more about how culture influences our way of acting and thinking in a professional environment (and how you can become a better leader in an international context), this is the book to read. 

The Infinite Game

Simon Sinek didn’t only write a good book on why you should always start with why. He also wrote one about the difference between running a business and playing sports: While there are fixed players, a set time and a clear definition of winning or losing in sports, that’s not true for running a business. And that’s why you should go into it with a very different mindset: Instead of wanting to end the game to win as soon as possible, you’d rather focus on keeping on playing. And that's also true for internal communication. After all, your mindset when going into a game (or running a business) influences the way you treat and motivate your team members (or employees). Ideally, you'll want them to be in for the infinite game of making your company successful.

Surrounded by Idiots

Haven’t we all thought that our colleagues were idiots at one point or another in our careers? Well, that’s not what this book is about. In Surrounded by Idiots: The Four Types of Human Behavior and How to Effectively Communicate with Each in Business (and in Life), Thomas Erikson explains how we all communicate differently. And obviously, that's something very crucial to understand before approaching your (internal) target audience: People are different, and all your colleagues are just human beings, too. They might just need a different approach or different kind of information and they'll get what you want them to do. They might actually support your cause when you approach them in a way that makes sense to them.

Communicating Change: Transforming Internal Blabla into Digital Aha

All these books are great, but they are not necessarily written for change managers who are looking for hands-on tips to reach their colleagues to implement a new software, new strategy or any other change. So obviously, we wanted to included one book that actually has exactly that. And what book would better explain our way of working than our very own book Communicating Change: Transforming Internal Blabla into Digital Aha? The whole team has contributed with their expertise and experience to make a book with practical information to help you put together the internal communication strategy you need to reach your internal target audience. With the right message, via the right channel and at the right time. Sign up here and you'll be amongst the first to know as soon as the ebook is available!

Enjoy reading these books! Are you planning on improving your internal communication strategy in 2022 to make change happen faster and more efficient? We got you covered! Get in touch and we'll schedule a call or meeting to take your approach to the next level!

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