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How to Communicate a New Safety Program Internally

Dangerous substances, heavy tools or other risky situations can occur regularly in certain jobs. And if that is the case, it's very important to put the safety of all employees first. That's why many companies have safety programs in place: A set of rules that needs to be followed by everybody at the location at all times. But to guarantee the safety of such a program, it's necessary that all employees know about it. How do you achieve that? And how can you make sure that all employees follow new safety rules, even if they don't think new rules are necessary in the first place?

Why You Should Start Your Own Podcast for Internal Communication

Making a podcast isn't new. It's a trend that appeared over the past years and it seems that it's here to stay, at least for now. Have you ever thought of making your own podcast? If not, it's about time you do! And we are not talking about one for your external target audience. Because while a podcast is a good way to reach out to and engage with your (potential) customers, it's definitely at least as good to engage with your very own employees. Still wondering if it's the right thing to do? Here's why you really need to start your own podcast for internal communication purposes!

How to Inspire Your Employees With Every Message

As an internal communicator, you have a really tough job. You need to convey a lot of important information and get all your colleagues to consistently pay attention. But when they're often so busy, how can you grab their attention and inspire them to take action?


5 Tips to Make Your Internal Communication More Efficient

Have you ever received one of those generic emails sent to all employees announcing some big change within the company? Did you read it thoroughly and did it motivate you or did you just quickly scan the email and then delete it? Most likely, it was the second option, wasn't it? That's the problem with internal communication - while it's important to motivate employees to do something, it's often too generic to actually do so. Time for a change! We have five tips for you to make your internal communication way more awesome. And way more motivating too, we promise. 

Why Your Internal Target Audience is the Most Important One

Communication is all about the audience. Once you know who you are talking to, you know how to address them. That's why in marketing, you analyse the group of people you want to reach and you call them your target audience. You find out as much as possible about them, and then you adapt your content, way of communication and more to make sure they receive your message. But your internal target audience is just as important!


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