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Internal Communications in Change Management: Start with Asking Why

The biggest challenge in change management is to communicate the right message to the right internal target audience at the right time by using the most effective channels. After all, if you want your employees to accept the change and work with it, you need to communicate your message successfully. However, you should always take into account that we are all different. That also applies to your internal target audience.  



Why Your Own Employee is the Success Factor of Your Change Process

Innovation is necessary to stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, companies that are working smart and efficiently when it comes to digital transformation will eventually win in the (near) future. From AI to the Internet of Things, from blockchain to digital assistants, all these developments enable companies to develop and innovate faster, increasing their competitive advantage. But there is one thing you should not forget in your innovation process: your own employee.


What the US Elections Taught us About Change Management

How to infleunce the behaviour of a group of people? This is not only crucial when you want to become the president of the United States, but also the ultimate question when it comes to change management. When a company faces a change process, there is a lot to learn from the US elections.


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