Use animation instead of film.

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Use animation instead of film

The benefits of animation over film

Abstract topics

Animations are excellent for displaying objects or ideas that are not immediately visible and that mainly exist on a theoretical level. Some examples of this include software, or financial products. For example, a company balance. That is something that does not necessarily 'exist' in the real world; after all, there is not a literal balance between the assets and debts of a company. Nevertheless, a balance is a fixed concept in the business world and it is useful if you understand what it is and how it works. Explaining a balance is easy to do with animation because you are free to visualise whatever you want. However, this is not possible with film. 


 Confronting images

Sometimes we need to explain some not-so-pleasant topics, and if you were to use film it would be a little...gross. Especially for health and medical related topics, it's important to sometimes look at the body and understand how it works. You could use an animation to explain anything from metabolism to open-heart surgery. Just imagine if you were filming that, not a pleasant image, right? With animation, you can make these types of images much more pleasant to watch, especially for younger audiences. 



Sometimes an overview is needed to understand something. For example, how ocean currents influence the environment. It's not really something you can film, it's simply impossible to fit in a shot, but still important nonetheless. Animation makes it easy to zoom in and out, showing exactly what you need to explain to your viewer. You can even change the proportions; make everything as large and as relative as you want.


Emotional situations

Sometimes you have to explain something that is not very pleasant to look at, and tends to evoke negative emotions. For example, the passing of a loved one or a natural disaster. Of course, these things could be filmed, but sometimes to look at the raw footage can simply be overwhelming. If you're trying to use your video to create positive feelings, these topics will be much better in animation than film due to the use of illustration rather than raw footage.

Examples of situations that cannot be filmed

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