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Now that you have your animation, the trick is to reach as many people as possible from your target group. This can be quite a challenge, but that's why we're here to help! Read our tips to see how you can share your animation best.

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Distribute your animation internally

With an explanation animation you can easily inform, convince or motivate your colleagues. Whether you're sharing an annual report, internal vision or totally new process; it's all simplified with an explanation animation. Within large organisations, it can often be difficult to reach everyone quickly and in an engaging way, so how can you ensure that as many of your colleagues as possible see the animation?


1. The basics

Below are a number of logical first steps that can be taken to distribute the animation internally:

> Upload the animation to your intranet.

> Send your colleagues an email with a link to the animation. If you need to share the animation with a large number of people, you can also send out a newsletter. However, it's very important to note that the subject line is a crucial element; you need to make sure that it invites your colleagues to open the email, so make sure it stands out.

> Show the animation at the start of a business presentation. It's a great ice breaker! You'll reach your colleagues in a matter of seconds and they know what they can expect of the rest of your presentation. 

> Do you have tv-screens in the office or perhaps in the cafeteria? Show the animations there too! Consider adding subtitles, so it's possible to follow the story without sound. For advice and more information you can get in touch with us right away!


2. Supporting materials
Do you have a custom style? Then we can develop images based on the characters in the animation! You could use these on posters in the office, flyers, websites, presentations or even print them on T-shirts like Deloitte! Alternatively, you could also use an infographic - the ideal way to follow up an animation with interesting facts and information.

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