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At Funk-e we design 15-minute e-learning modules. Together with you, we start figuring out what core message makes the biggest impact. The gamification element tests if your team understands the information. Result: an involved target group and information that will stick.


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What makes our e-learning different?

We explain. We do not only provide information and instructions. We make sure that your team really understands what the problem and solution is.


A complete story, from introduction to instruction.

Online & offline

More than just online, due to downloadable elements.


Visual storytelling: we sketch every situation.


This is how we work:

Step 1: Design e-learning
Step 2: Produce e-learning
Step 3: Test e-learning
Design the e-learning

Design the e-learning

Within one day, we design your e-learning together with you. Then you’ll receive the first concept.

Produce the e-learning

Produce the e-learning

Our creative team starts to work. We illustrate and create your e-learning. Result? Your tailor made, interactive e-learning.

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Test the e-learning

Test the e-learning

Does the system work? Is the content ok? Is the quiz working? All questions that will be answered in the testing phase.

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