Learn from our consultants how we set up internal communications campaigns.

What do you learn in this workshop?

"If I don't understand it, I won't do it"

During these workshops we teach you how to set up an internal campaign for a large group of employees. Specifically, we explain how you can formulate a campaign goal, how you can identify target groups and how you can identify the needs of your target group. And of course, how you can communicate the change yourself.

Who is this event suitable for?

This training is intended for employees of large companies with at least 100 employees or more, who are often involved in internal communication (internal communication advisors, change managers, program managers, directors etc.)


If you do not meet these criteria, but are still interested in joining, just send us a message!

What participants have said about our training:
"What I liked was that we came together with people from different disciplines, but we all had something to do with internal communication."

- René Huigen, Security Consultant at BDO

"It is very different here from the clean and controlled environment at Stedin. This is a more creative and inspiring working environment!"

 - Lotte Witte, Business Consultant at Stedin


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