Let us make your professional infographic.

Funk-e makes your subject clear in seconds with attractive and informative infographics!

Let us make your infographic

Combine text and illustrations to send the right message!

Reach your target group and ensure they understand your message.

Do you want to create understanding about processes within your company? Do you have important data that you need to share with your customers? Or perhaps you need to convince a new customer of the value your product offers? Infographics are perfect for all of these situations!


Infographics combine illustrations with text on one large digital canvas. You are then able to provide both an overview of your message, but also more detail. Perfect if you need to share several facts and figures, or trying to transfer subsequent process steps or instructions.


The great thing about infographics is that you can use them either digitally or print them for offline use. Digitally, they are perfect to send by email or to place on your website or intranet. If you want to print the infographic, they are great to hang around offices and workstations. Or perhaps you could take one with you to your next sales conversation to leave behind, so that your contact person has a nice informative piece of content to show their boss!

An instruction infographic makes your target group follow the right procedures.

Make sure your target group are following the right procedures.

A proces infographic is a clear overview of the steps of your work processes

Make an overview of the steps of your work processes.

Present results, data or outcomes with a data Infographic from Funk-e

Present results, outcomes or big data.

Struggling to explain something complicated?

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