Infographics trends of 2019.

What has changed with infographics this year?

Animation trends 2019. Funk-e explains.

In 2019, humans are already processing over one hundred thousand words every single day, five times more than thirty years ago! On top of our work, we already have so much to process so it can get overwhelming easily and often results in an information overload. Fortunately, information discrimination has also become much more efficient. A good example of this is infographics; they divide up large, complicated topics into smaller, clear chunks of information. 


One of the greatest benefits of infographics comes from the illustrations. Texts without illustrations are less attention-grabbing, which is less than ideal if you're sending an important message. Accompanying your text with illustrations ensures that all your instructions are followed properly. Just think, how difficult would it be to try and put together a tent without any images? In addition to giving instructions, you also need your target audience to creating lasting memories of your message. Generally, people only remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read and 80% of what they see. So if you really want your message to be memorable, it's safer to use visualisations.


How can you do that? With this year's infographic trends!

1. Isometric

3D imaging of an object is called Isometric Design. With this type of design, you're able to tell a brief story. So essentially you can fit more information into less space, win-win! That's exactly what we did for Schiphol Airport - take a look!

2. Hand-drawn illustrations

Do you have your own style? Or perhaps you would like to make your infographic more personal? Then drawn illustrations are the way to go! These types of illustrations give the infographic its own unique identity and personality.

Hand-drawn illustrations. Let Funk-e design your animation for your webpage

3. Retro human illustration

Your infographic may require you to depict specific people or characters from within your company. The retro human trends is a great way to show specific characters with a Funk-e retro twist! With snazzy features such as rectangular heads or green skin, retro has definitely made a comeback in 2019!

4. Bright colours

It's quite simple; bright colours attract attention. They radiate positivity and draw the reader into your story. Want to see for yourself? Take a look at our example!

5. No gravity

Floating and/or flying objects can be used to add extra depth and 3D effects to an infographic. These features are ideal if you're aiming to portray a sense of freedom and openness to your audience.

6. STRIKING typography

The bigger, the better. Great typography that stands out and differentiates itself from the rest; with so much information and clutter being processes all the time, this is a trend that is truly indispensable amongst the design world in 2019.

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