GDPR: The do's and don'ts...

GDPR laws clearly explained so you can communicate safely!

Use an animation to clearly explain GDPR laws

Since the introduction of the new GDPR laws, data security is more important than ever!

How do you bring the protection of confidential information to the attention of colleagues? And how do you clarify the correct course of action with privacy sensitive information? It's not an easy task, that's for sure. Take a look at our GDPR law do's and don'ts for communicating digital security rules below!


1. Focus on the benefits of working safely
Avoid talking about the negative consequences of a lack of safety. This may lead your employees to become apprehensive and fearful of the new laws. Instead, tell them more about the positive opportunities safe work can offer!

2. Think from the perspective of your target group
When communicating digital security, complicated terms are often used that are difficult to understand. Try to simplify your language, don't use technical jargon and replace it with simple words instead.

3. Customise your message per requirement
Determine exactly what your colleagues already know and what their current state is. Do they need to be informed, convinced or given instructions? IT's important that you know this so that you only communicate what is necessary.

The 'Do's when implementing the GDPR laws
The 'Don'ts when implementing GDPR laws


1. Wait too long before taking action
It always takes a while to fully adjust to new rules and adapt your behaviour, so make sure you don't wait too long before preparing your colleagues for GDPR laws!

2. Provide unclear communication
Adjusting behaviour accordingly is of critical importance when new laws have been implemented. Make sure all your communication is as clear as possible to avoid any confusion.

3. Not explaining why change is necessary
For people to get on board with the initiative, they first need to understand why it is important! If you are able to make this clear, your colleagues will sooner accept the change and reduce their resistance.

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