Explain the GDPR laws to your colleagues.

Funk-e helps you explain new legislation to your colleagues!

Explain the GDPR laws to your colleagues with an animation

How can you make everyone privacy compliant?

Rules, new processes and behavioural instructions. We explain it all!

The new GDPR law came into force on the 25th of May, 2018. These laws make it even more important your organisation is privacy compliant. How can make the rules clear to your colleagues?

At Funk-e, we have helped many different clients explain GDPR legislation.

Because of those projects, we are familiar with a lot of privacy guidelines. So we can advise you about the knowledge your employees need and how you can best communicate that knowledge.

Our consultants are standing ready to help you explain new legislation. Contact us to learn more!

Our GDPR campaigns have three clear steps:

When setting up an internal campaign, we have three crucial steps to create understanding amongst your colleagues. We do this because understanding is fundamental to create any type of behaviour change. If your colleagues do not know what you're telling them, they will not be able to change their behaviour.

Introduction to the GDPR topic and the problem it solves
Why do I have to change the way I work?

Introduction to the topic and the problem it solves.

What is GDPR and what is changing in my organisation
What is GDPR and what is changing in my organisation?

Explanation of the key points of the GDPR and the changes in the company.

Clear GDPR instructions for your daily work
What do I have to do in my daily work?

Step by step instructions and reminders to help everyone get used to GDPR. 

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