Quarterly results explained with an infographic

Quarterly results explained through an infographic shopper board!

Colgate Quarterly results explained with a shopperboard infographic


At Colgate-Palmolive, the results of the shelf divisions per product category are presented to retailers every month and every quarter. During the presentation, a "shopper board" in A0 format is used as supporting material. Different results are shown here. Unfortunately, the category managers who had to work with it found the board unclear. 



A shopper board is very useful to present results to retailers. But category managers or buyers must be able to walk through it easily during their presentation to retail customers. How can you ensure that a shopper board is organised and clear?



Funk-e has developed a shopper board for Colgate-Palmolive to visualise the data behind the purchasing behaviour at Etos.


We did this with the help of a data infographic; this form allowed Colgate the present the results of the previous quarter clearly and easily to customers during evaluations.


The data infographic is arranged so that it is immediately clear which results are important. The titles and illustrations within the infographic provide more context. In addition, only text was used where necessary to clarify the results.


We felt that it was important to ensure  that the data infographic was easy to adjust and customise for every Colgate-Palmolive retailer. In addition to Etos, the layout of the data infographic can also be used for a shopper board at stores like Kruidvat or Albert Heijn for example.


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