Reducing accidents with explanation.

Accidents can happen in places where you least expect it.

Reduce work related accidents with an explanation animation

The danger of accidents in the workplace

This was the main reasons why Heijmans came to us for help. At Heijmans, part of their workers' daily routine is placing frames 100 metres high, and working with burning hot liquid asphalt. There's a lot that could go wrong if the proper safety precautions are not taken.

Suppose you work at a company where safety is very important. For example, in a port, construction, or even in an office...actually, safety is important for every company! Accidents can happen in places that we least expect it, so it's important that both employers and employees are prepared to mitigate any risks. Most companies are aware of this, and have strict rules in place to ensure proper safety procedures are followed in the workplace.

But how can you make sure that everybody is aware of your safety rules?

Take a look at the animations and infographic!


The Big 6!

Heijmans GO!

6 GO! Code of conduct

Heijmans GO!
Heijmans Go! Big 6 case study on safety at work

The challenge

Heijmans therefore had to ensure that everyone would know what to do in an unsafe situation. That is why the company introduced the GO! No accidents program. The program includes an app that can be used to report unsafe situations, and contact GO! for all questions regarding safety.


This new program naturally had to be announced to each and every employee. Heijmans is a large company, with over 4,000 employees spread across many locations, and therefore presentations were not a feasible option. They would simply take too much time, and could they even be sure that every employee understood the information after just one presentation?




To ensure that everyone was aware of the new program, Funk-e produced six animations for Heijmans. Each animation explains a different part of the GO! No accidents program. Even better, they were made entirely in Heijmans own custom style to match their corporate identity, and make the videos easily recognisable to employees! To remind employees of the program, the characters from the animation appear on various types of media spread throughout the company. Some examples that were used include posters and USB sticks to distribute amongst employees.


The six animations were used online, on the company website and intranet. This was to ensure that all employees were able to view each animation, regardless of their location. And that is exactly what happened! 100% of employees were aware of the new safety program and since 2013, there have been 40% fewer workplace accidents!

Awesome job, Heijmans!

Concerned about safety in your workplace?

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