Explaining medical topics with animation.

Simplifying explanation of complex illnesses with the power of animation!

Explaining complicated medical topics with animation.

Ever heard of Adrenal Glands?

Any idea what they do?

Probably not, and that applies to many people in the Netherlands. However, there are many disorders that are related to the adrenal glands, such as Addison, AGS and Cushing. These conditions are often chronic, and can be fatal without proper treatment. That is why knowledge of them is so important! The patient must know what condition they have, but also the caregivers must know as much as possible to be able to help.


BijnierNET came to us with the problem of being able to explain these complex conditions. We knew they were important topics so we had to make sure the explanations were perfect! We conducted interviews with doctors, hospital workers and patients to gather information that was as complete as possible.

Complicated Medical Topics explained with an animation
BijnierNET Animation to explain complicated medical topics

With more than 8 explanation animations in several languages by now, we explain these difficult diseases in 75 seconds. Take for example, our explanation to four-year-old children why  they should wear a medical necklace and take pills every day.

Importantly, we also made a video for adults to explain the complete control of the adrenal gland and the hormones that interact with it.

And of course, we explained the steps that you must go through when administering an emergency injection.

The most recent addition is the caregiver animation, in which we help patient's caregivers to recognise problems and know how to be prepared for them.

To see what effects the animation had, BijnierNET conducted some research. They published the results in their magazine "De Bijnier". Overall, they found that people received the animations well, found them informative and enjoyable to watch!

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