Improving health care through good explanation.

How the Albert Schweitzer Hospital optimised their patient care with the help of Funk-e explanations.

Improving health care through good explanation

Better communication, better healthcare!

Read about how we helped Albert Schweitzer Hospital (ASZ) provide better service for their patients with clear Funk-e explanations


At Albert Schweitzer Hospital (ASZ), just like in every hospital, everyone works together to provide patients with the best care. Every pill, process or operation is there to help the patient recover as quickly as possible. However, there are many different functions and processes in place; each with quite a few steps. This makes it almost impossible to know exactly every step.



Because of an NIAZ audit, the ASZ wanted to re-communicate the basic principles of good care to its employees. They simply wanted to share the most important processes with all departments in an understandable way. But how is it realistically possible to reach all departments in a convincing way? And how do you simplify those processes? That's where Funk-e stepped in to help!

To reach all employees, we decided to set up an explanation campaign. A campaign consists of videos, posters and other mediums of communication that work together to make a topic crystal clear. A campaign is often necessary if the topic has to be explained to many different target groups or is very complex. Perfect for the ASZ!


But how can you set up something like that? With a campaign sprint! In the sprint, together with the ASZ, we determined the subject, which group(s) we wanted to address, and what their knowledge about the subject is. We then examined where and how the target groups can best be reached. Finally, with all this new information we made a complete campaign plan, from first introduction to specific instructions!



Together with the ASZ, we divided basic principles for good care into three themes: prevention, information transfer and competence. By dividing these three themes, everything that is important for good care was highlighted. But before we could dive into the details, we had to show why those basic principles are so important. Because, well, if you don't know why something is relevant to you, why would you read something?


That's why the campaign started with an animation that was shared on the intranet and during various internal presentations. The animation allowed us to set the tone of the campaign, to give clear examples, and in just 75 seconds we were able to convincingly highlight the importance of the three principles to employees of the ASZ. To make sure everybody had the campaign on the top of their mind, we also displayed posters around the ASZ to really bring the campaign to life.


Subsequently, infographics were hung in the hospital illustrating facts about the principles and supporting the concepts from the animation. The infographics allowed us to explain the most important steps and showed why they are so important to the patient. The great benefit of using infographics is the ability to display them physically in places that are usually quite busy and therefore hard to miss. They were displayed in the toilets, next to the coffee machine, in the changing rooms and more! Every week, a new infographic was displayed with a new basic principle on it to make sure that all employees learned about each principle. The ASZ additionally displayed all infographics digitally on their intranet, so that employees could choose to read everything at their own leisure if they wish. 


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