Prevent data breaches through knowledge of rules.

How explanation contributes to preventing data loss at Brunel.



IT security is not just about software, but more about the people who use it.  It's always at those small moments where there is a lapse of attention that something goes wrong. But how do you make someone aware of something that happens unknowingly?


Through using an explanation animation, we are able to captivate the audience and illustrated the bigger picture. What exactly could go wrong to cause a data breach? And how can Brunel help?

The first step is to create awareness and involvement with the problem with the animation. Which is then supported and elaborated on with an infographic.


The infographic has a different form of information, but can also be used differently. Having an infographic made enables you to print them and distribute them around the workplace through offline channels.


This ensures that the message is not only reinforced, but also repeated. These are essential steps in the behavioural process of learning and creating understanding amongst colleagues.

Brunel infographic to prevent data from being leaked


IT security is far more present internally, and we can now perfectly explain our services 'simply' to customers.

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