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Let Funk-e create your campaign for your organisation

Why make a campaign?

Some topics simply cannot be explained in one animation or infographic. For example, when a subject is complex and there is simply too much to say. Or perhaps because you're trying to appeal to different target groups. Some viewers may know a lot and want in-depth details, while others still need an introduction. The last thing you would want to do is send them both the same information. So that's when you need a campaign; but what does that mean?

What is a campaign?

A campaign is a series of explanation products that are presented to your target group(s) at different moments through different channels. This approach not only takes into account which information is relevant to each audience, but also the order in which the information is shared. Campaigns increase the knowledge of your audience and show how the knowledge can be applied in their day to day work.

Build awareness with a campaign
Build awareness

Ensure the target group knows about your message, and understands how relevant it is for them.

Give instructions with a campaign
Give instructions

Explain what the message is and what needs to happen in clear, step by step instructions. 

Keep repeating your message

Repeating key elements and actions of your message, so everyone is reminded of what they need to do.

Instant campaigns


Before a campaign starts, we go through a number of steps with our customers. We learn everything there is to know about the given topic, and we also interview the target group. This ensures that when the campaign is launched, the best explanation products are used that seamlessly connect with the target audience. 


Having already completed many different campaigns, we've transformed existing topics that we've dealt with before into Instant Campaigns. This gives you as a customer the option to select a couple of separate explanation products, or go for the full instant campaign. We will then produce multiple animations, infographics and add-ons that directly align with your corporate identity. Once production is finished, your campaign can be launched right away!



Executives and top-level management do not always use the same language as blue-collar workers. And yet, many workers do not see safety in the workplace as their own responsibility. How can you solve these problems to reduce accidents and improve safety in the workplace?

View safety examples

View safety examples
hi, im an alt text
Funk-e Safety campagne
Bekijk AVG campagne voorbeelden
Funk-e GDPR campaign


Not all of DELA's employees are busy with their client services. Some departments help people on the phone or support employees such as IT and HR. Each department works with different systems, so how can you apply the GDPR laws everywhere?

View GDPR examples

View GDPR examples

Health care

Because of the NIAZ audit, the Albert Schweitzer hospital wanted to re-communicate the basic principles of good care to its employees. But how can you reach all departments? And how can you simplify those processes?

View health care examples

View health care examples
Health care campaign
Funk-e health care campaign
Create a custom campaign with Funk-e

Custom campaigns.

A campaign starts with the target group. How much do they already know about your subject? What do they need to know?


If you haven't already established this, that's our starting point. We will interview your target group so that we get to know what their specific pain points and needs are. We then identify a knowledge gap and identify the necessary steps to effectively achieve the desired outcome or behaviour.

Jouw doelgroep bij een custom campagne

Who is your target group?

During campaign planning, we put ourselves in the shoes of your target group. We discuss what you aim to achieve with your campaign, and which knowledge gaps needs to be addressed. We will also determine which touch points will be appropriate mediums of communication for your target audience.

We schrijven een plan met meerdere middelen voor jouw custom campagne

Multiple Resources

Once we have gathered all the relevant information, we create a campaign plan. The plan will provide details on which resources are most appropriate, at which time they should be used, in which order and to which target group. Each of these recommendations are made on the basis of creating the optimal pathway to achieving your goal.

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