Business videos to explain your most complex topics.

Your most difficult corporate subjects will have never been explained so clearly!

Explain complex topics with a business video

How can a business video add value to your organisation?

The world is constantly changing, and you're busy trying to keep up and ensure you always give your customers the best experience. But you also need to consider your employees; what information do they need? Are you trying to implement a new strategy? Or perhaps you need help with on-boarding a large number of employees?


Funk-e business videos can reduce the time and money you spend on explaining complicated topics significantly. Say goodbye to all those hours wasted trying to give lengthy presentations or write lengthy briefings. Our business animations can translate and complex topic into a simple, clear and fun video in 75 seconds or less!  With over 5,000 productions already made, it's safe to say we know what we're doing when it comes to business videos. Want to know more?

5000 business videos made
5,000+ animations made
For over a 1000 unique customers
For 1,000+ customers
Funk-e is active in 35+ countries
Active in 35+ countries



Some of our favourite business videos!



What is Brunel?


We collect all your money!


Need to explain other internal topics as well?


Inspire and motivate with a clear vision.

Explain your business vision


Explain the unique benefits of your product or service to potential customers.

Explain the benefits of your product or service with a business animation video


Increase workplace efficiency or onboard new employees.

Use a business animation video to increase workplace efficiency

Funk-e has been helping businesses explain for over 10 years!

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Funk-e business animations


What are the benefits of a business video?

Your business is important to you; you're proud of what you do, because you have an eye for your detail and do your job well. But when you need to explain complex or abstract topics, often people can't quite grasp the subject or understand your message. You decide to make a real-life film, but that doesn't work either; how can you possibly film an abstract topic (e.g. financial products, processes or technology) in a clear way? This is where a business animation really shines. We have the ability to bring any complex or abstract idea to life with the power of illustration and animation so that you can communicate these difficult ideas to any audience you desire.


How can you distribute your business animation?

Your business animation can be used anywhere you can find a screen, and through countless different channels. Do you have TV screens in your office? Or perhaps an intranet or staff website? You could also post the video on social media, or have it in an mobile app, an email or maybe even show it at a trade fair! We can help you find many different ways to reach your target audience with your business animation; and of course with a bit of creativity we might just find a brand new way to connect with your audience that you never even thought of!


How is a business animation created?

When you make a business animation with Funk-e, we always follow a fixed method to make the process as quick and effortless as possible. We will begin with a four hour session, where you work together with our expert copywriters and art directors to get to the core of your story and find the most important message to communicate with your target audience. In the session, we will create a full script and storyboard for your business animation. You are then encouraged to provide feedback, which we will process on the spot so that we can have 90% of your concept defined by the end of the session! Excited to learn more? Contact us to get started!