Why do we write the script for you?

Why is it so important to have a copywriter create your explanation animation?

Let us tell you a secret..

Creating explanation animations is a lot of fun!

Creating explanation animations is a lot of fun!

Even though writing a script for the voice-over actor is challenging, it can still be an enjoyable experience. We understand if you would like to write the script. After all, nobody knows your organisation better than you do, right? That is likely true, but the key to getting your message across is good explanation. Of course, we will need your assistance to make sure the information is all correct, but a good copywriter plays a critical role in the process of making a good explanation animation. However, a clear and informative animation is only the beginning. A good voiceover must not only speak to you, but create appeal. A good copywriter knows the techniques to create a strong appeal from your audience, and helps to build stronger, more positive memories of your message to create understanding. Here are three reasons why you need a good copywriter to prepare your script:

Copywriting is about knowing what you should not tell.

Presentation, pitch or animation, the pitfall is the same. The greater your specialty and enthusiasm, the longer you can continue to speak about the features and benefits of your product or service. A good copywriter is critical, holds up the mirror and helps you to prioritise the most important information.

You know your product is great, and of course you want to share all the benefits and features with your potential customers. Perhaps there are a few technical terms and vague buzzwords in your description. Maybe some of your audience can follow, but some people who are new to your product have no idea what you're saying, and there's a good chance you will lose them as a customer. Having someone from outside your industry write your story helps to avoid these problems by writing a story that makes sense to anyone regardless of their prior knowledge.

Our copywriter explains processes, treatments or illnesses clearly

Explanimation is explaining and animating at the same time!

Copywriters and animators need to work together and help each other to create an animation

Copywriters and animators need to work together and help each other. If a sentence is too long to create a beautiful scene, a copywriter must know that while they are writing the script. Sometimes there are abstract concepts or topics that even the best draftsmen cannot put into words, like how would you explain the word "transparent" ? With animators and copywriters working together, they always find a way to tell the full story with the perfect combination of text and visuals.

Structure in the creative process and your storyline

Brainstorming sessions are a common way to try and generate ideas; throw everyone's ideas in a hat and see what comes out. But without a proper structure, these sessions can be unproductive and not the best use of everyone's time.

A good copywriter leads the conversation, asks the right questions and can be strict as an external party without stepping on any toes. Which is great if you want to be home in time for dinner, but you probably have something to add to the story as well, right?


Consider the copywriter as a kind of funnel. Throw in all the important information for filtering, ranking and clarification. Be open to a storyline that feels a little awkward at first but gives a clearer first impression. Then, you let our creative masterminds work together for an hour while they work on your script and storyboard. Once the hour is up, they will present you a full script and storyboard to give feedback on. This feedback is then processed immediately and integrated into the story so that you have 90% of your concept defined by the end of the session. This way we ensure that not only does the story provide a clear explanation, but that you're also happy with the overall message and tone of your animation.

A copywriter creates structure in the creative process and your storyline

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