The role of explanation in internal communication

How can you use explanation to build the foundation of your internal communication?

Vision and strategy

How do animation and illustration help with a better rollout of vision and strategy?

1. When vision and strategy are clear, everyone can spread the same message

2. An explanation animation can strongly support strategic decisions, making the logic behind the decisions clear to everyone.

3. Visualisation and realisation ensure that employees are clear of what exactly they have to do

System introduction

How can you use an explanation animation to ensure that a new IT system is put into use quickly?

1. Clearly explaining why the change is really needed removes the resistance.

2. IT is an abstract topic and hard to explain verbally, animation makes it clear by accompanying the text with visualisations.

3. Clearly explaining the benefits to the target group.

Instructions and processes

How does explanation animation ensure that work instructions and processes are properly executed?

1. Good explanation ensures everybody knows what the instructions or processes are; if people don't know what they are, how can they change?


2. Instructions and processes can be arbitrary and intangible, often it's difficult to understand these without visual accompaniment.


3. An explanation animation is a more fun and engaging way to learn new instructions than reading lengthy, dull instruction manuals!

Examples of instructions and process explanation

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