How can I choose an animation style and level of detail?

How can I choose an animation style and level of detail?

How do you know which style is best for you?


Right, so you already know you want an explanation animation made. Great! Now the first question is, what style should the animation be in, and how much detail should it have? Not to worry though, we're here to help you figure out which style and level of detail best fits your company and topic.

Our animations can be divided into two major categories; Basic animations which come from our exclusive content library, or Custom animations where we develop unique characters and artwork just for you. Both categories offer artwork at a basic or extended level of detail.



Basic animations


Within our standard animation products, we offer three styles that can be offered in both extended and basic level of detail. That means there are six possible styles ready for you to choose from! We always process your company colours and logo, so we only have to make the story to animate. This saves both on costs and production time!

We've made plenty of basic animations, so feel free to look at the examples so you can know what to expect. The important thing to know about basic animations is that you cannot 'borrow' image elements for decorating your company website, posters or other visual content. If you'd like a style with which you can create more content in the future, our Custom style might just be the perfect option for you!

Examples of a Funk-e basic animation style
Example of a Funk-e custom animation style

Custom animations


A custom style can go in any direction you wish. We design the unique style based on your branding, subject and target group. First, we make a style proposal, if you're happy then we develop it into a fully-fledged Custom style! Do you want to know what yours would look like? With a Custom style, you know for sure that the animation style is completely in line with the visual style of your company or the preferences of your target group!


You have the choice to take over the proprietary rights of the custom style; this allows you to use all image elements (characters, backgrounds, objects) for any other purpose that you choose. This allows you to use your animation as a great reference point of you wish to refer back to the content on your website or in campaigns with posters and flyers.

Repetition only makes your message more powerful, and with a fixed set of characters you get an extra tool for storytelling. The custom style is a one-time investment which gives you custom designs for both two levels of detail if you wish. This way, you can have either basic or extended animations made depending on your budget and the time pressure!

Take a look at the different styles!



Exam training



TU Delft

Vision animation


Lifelong football


Property rental

Woonstad Rotterdam

You don't have to make hard choices before a storyboard session, but it's helpful to already have a preference

Let us help you choose a style!

Do you have a complex topic you need to explain? Not to worry, we're always here to help! Just give us a call on +31 (0) 10 413 27 34 or fill in the contact form below.

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