Need to improve safety in your workplace?

How good explanation can help ensure a safer workplace and fewer accidents.

Making employees aware of safety is a challenging process. It's difficult to get employees' attention during all the hustle and bustle, and often your important safety message can go un-noticed. Safety is generally viewed as the most interesting topic for employees, so how can you get their attention to make them aware of the safety practices in your workplace? Through attractive content that is designed with the purpose of creating understanding within the target group!


How we develop safety campaigns.

It is impossible to communicate all your safety practices in one go. It is a step by step process that needs to be in the perspective of employees. Our safety campaigns do this with animations, infographics, posters among other types of offline and online media. Each campaign we create is entirely tailored to meet your specific safety needs, and ensure the best possible communication practices between you and your target audience.


Experience with safety campaigns.

A large part of our business over the past 10 years has been to develop safety campaigns for our large corporate clients. Through creating these campaigns, we have learnt that many companies will try to improve their safety practices with the help of the safety ladder. We can use the safety ladder to assess where your safety communication needs lie and plan your strategy accordingly. We have already developed safety content strategies for clients such as Heijmans and Damen!

Some of our favorite safety animations

Introduction GO!


Safety By Nature


The BIG 6


Hazardous materials

Damen Shipyards

Safety instructions

Port of Rotterdam

New maze

Port of Rotterdam


Campaign: Raising safety awareness for 4,000 employees with animations and posters.

Result: 100% awareness of rules and 30-40% fewer accidents.


Campaign: 10 animations with safety instructions in 9 different languages.

Result: Familiarity with safety rules amongst the organisation worldwide.

Let's apply this knowledge in an animation!

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