5 reasons why animations are perfect for explanations.

How to simplify your complex topic through the power of animation!

5 reasons why animations are perfect for explanations

So, you have a fantastic new product, vision for your company or perhaps an idea that could change the world! Of course you want everyone to know, but how? It's so hard to explain complicated topics in a way that everybody can understand. An animation is the perfect way to convey your difficult message in a way that is crystal clear to everyone else!

Why? Take a look at our 5 reasons below!

Everything is possible with an explanation animation

1. There's no limit!


Anything is possible with an explanation animation. There is literally no limit to what you can and cannot show. Does your concept perhaps contain a flock of Flamingos playing the banjo while running around the North Pole? Not a problem! Let your imagination run wild and make your idea come to life! Jokes aside, animations are particularly useful if you need to visualise abstract topics such as cloud computing, financial products and services or health care topics.

2. Short but powerful

The world is full of distractions. It's already difficult enough to get people's attention, but if you have to give long-winded presentation or read walls of text, people are simply going to tune out within a matter of minutes. A 75-second animation is the perfect length of time to captivate an audience and fully get your message across before the viewer has time to get distracted.


Our animations are short but powerful
Animations make you laugh which makes your audience remember your message better

3. Sense of humour

Something that makes you giggle is always easier to remember. Just think of all those classic jokes you've remembered for years! You don't always have to add jokes to your animation, sometimes it can be familiar situations that can be recognised by the target audience with fond memories, or a character that everybody will recognise. If you want your audience to really engage with your video on an emotional level, it's always a good idea to give it a sense of humour!

4. Visualise and listen

Almost all content that we encounter today is digital. Image and sound have become a critical part of our lives. People no longer spend time reading long chunks of text, usually choosing to receive information through video instead. Animation videos are very stimulating both visually and audibly. Our clever combination of auditory and visual design is able to hold the attention of viewers longer and ensure higher involvement.

Animation videos are very stimulating both visually and audibly.
From an abstract to a visual message with an animation

5. From abstract to visual

Some topics are too abstract to portray in a real-life film. For example, complex financial products or trying to show precise parts inside the human body; not only is it discomforting to look at, but good luck finding a volunteer! Animation allows us to digitally create whatever it is that you need to visualise for your target audience in an aesthetically pleasing and stimulating manner.

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