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An animation in your own language always makes learning easier.

Get the most value out of your animations by having them translated into the viewer's native language. Using the native language of your target audience allows them to resonate with your message more, and are therefore more likely to remember your message. Do you want to have a strong appeal to all recipients of your animation regardless of language? Then make sure you have your animation translated into all the relevant languages!

At Funk-e we deliver our animations in almost all languages and many different dialects. Contact us for more information!

Our animations can be translated into almost any language. Of course, nobody speaks every language, that's why we work with various voice actors from across the world to translate your animation! Wondering who the faces are behind the voices? Take a look at our video!

Why translate your animation?


5 reasons why translation improve outcomes


1. Easy to understand
The purpose of an explanation animation is to explain your story as clearly as possible. Even though your target group likely speaks several languages, nothing is quite as clear as an animation in your native language.


2. More reliable
People tend to view messages in their native language as more reliable. For instance, just think about visiting a new website in your own language, compared to a website that is completely in English.


3. Easier to remember
Your target group will resonate stronger with your message when it is in their native language, and therefore build stronger associations. This will result in improved, longer lasting memories of your message which can make a significant impact on your overall goal.


4. Communicating emotions
An important advantage of an animation is that emotion can be used to convince and motivate a target group. For instance, think about showing a character is frustrated, or perhaps one who is extremely happy with your idea or product. If you really want your target audience to feel the emotion in the animation, it's the safest option to use the native language of your target audience and create more of a personal connection.


5. Reach more people
Ultimately, the goal of an animation is to reach as many people as possible and convey your message to them. People tend to disregard and filter out information that isn't in their native language, so if you want to get your message across to as many people as possible, it's best to translate it into every language that is relevant to your target audience. Then you're ready to take on the world!

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