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Let's be honest, us humans are lazy creatures. If we have to read long, dry chunks of text our attention will drift very easily, especially when we don't feel that the content is relevant. This is exactly the reason why custom animations are the perfect solution for explanations. The unique custom style will immediately be recognisable by the target audience and captivate their attention. Then, you're free to explain the importance of your topic! 

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Some of our favourite animations!

How to deal with heart Failure?

De Hartstichting

Customer communication


Glass-glass versus foil-glass solar panels


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Why should you let Funk-e make your animation?


Crystal clear explanation

Clearly explaining a complex topic is a difficult task. Fortunately, animations are able to visualise abstract ideas to make them easier to understand. Just think about software; how can you explain something so specific? What is it, and how can you explain the benefits? Some other  examples of abstract topics made easier with animation include financial products, cloud computing, internal processes and high-level business strategies. When you make an animation with Funk-e, you will see that we are focused on breaking down the topics into the most clear and understandable explanation possible. This process has proven to be very effective with our previous customers, particularly in the context of learning about new topics.



Animations combine the power of text, image and sound to create the ideal platform for knowledge transfer. The unique benefit of animation comes from the ability to completely customise the visual storyline to ensure that it's as easy for the target group to understand as possible. For example: Looking at a picture of a car on a screen, or the same picture accompanied by the sound of the engine roaring and a voice actor telling you that it's a car. In the latter case, your brain will utilise the sensory triggers (sound and voice) to create stronger, longer lasting associations, resulting in improved memory and learning. This principle enables us to create the best explanation material possible at Funk-e.


Have an animation made

Animations are useful in countless situations. We endeavour to create the clearest explanations and to make topics as simple as possible to facilitate understanding. In a four hour session with our experts, we can help you to create an entire animation script and storyboard. At the end of the session, you will already know exactly how your animation will and what it will say. Then, you let us take over for the production while you sit back and relax.


How can you use explanation animations?

2D explanation animations can be useful in many situations. Some of the most common purposes our clients use 2D animations for is sending to potential customers, or to be placed on their website. But the opportunities don't stop there; have you ever thought about playing a 2D animation in your office on screens? Curious about all the possibile uses of 2D animations? Contact us now!