Explain financial products with an animation.

Simplify your complicated financial products or services with an explanation animation!

Funk-e maakt in een handomdraai jouw finance animatie of infographic

We clearly explain your financial products with the power of animation!

So, you work in the financial industry and every day you have the struggle of trying to explain how people can benefit from your service or product. Your product is super intelligent and smart, but it's also quite complex and difficult to explain. It seems like every time you try to tell someone your story, the other person just can't quite grasp it or loses interest. The customer begins to nod occasionally, and a bit more, then eventually they just begin staring into the distance. At this point, they truly have no idea what you're talking about.

Relax, you're not the only one with this problem. The financial industry has always been one of the hardest to explain; full of jargon, professional terminology and not to mention the endless rules and legislation! How could you possibly solve all these problems on your own?


How about an explanation animation? Funk-e has been making explanation animations for the financial industry for over 10 years! Our super clear animations get to the heart of your story and have your audience understanding your financial product or service in just 75 seconds. With clear language and stunning visuals, we assure you that your customers will understand all your financial subjects in no time. 


We take a deep dive into your story in our four-hour session. Together, we discuss the finer details of your subject and translate it into a super clear script and storyboard. You are then encouraged to give feedback, which we process on the spot and have 90% of your concept ready by the end of the session! Then you can sit back and relax while we sort out all the production. When your animation is ready, there are truly endless possibilities for distribution. You can use the animation in your presentations, on your website, social media or even to stand out at a trade show! Time to forget the days of customers gazing off into the distance, and take your explanations to a new level with Funk-e!


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