Explain your new business strategy.

Get all your employees on board with your new strategy or annual plan with an explanation animation!

Explain your annual plan with a Funk-e animation

Make sure everybody knows your plan.

with a 75-second explanation animation!

It's a challenge for every manager to present the new strategy, annual plan or yearly results clearly. It's too easy to fall into the trap of using complicated management terms that are difficult to understand and mean nothing to your target audience. The story can often be long-winded and you will begin to lose the interest of employees. This is a critical issue for all managers, as the employees are the ones who will be implementing the change at the end of the day! So how do you ensure that your audience is captivated and really understands your new strategy on annual plan? 


Funk-e can introduce your new strategy or annual plan in an animation: everything clearly explained and defined in a fun and exciting 75 second animation!


At Funk-e, we focus on clarity. We get to the core of your story and find the simplest way for you to get your entire message across. With our unique style of explanation animation, we have already helped over 1,000 customers and produced more than 5,000 animations! Check out our portfolio.


Creating an animation always starts with a four hour session. We sit down together with you and we visualise your strategy or annual plan into a clear script and storyboard. You are then encouraged to give feedback which we process on the spot, and then you will have 90% of your concept defined in just four hours!


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Some of our favourite strategy animations!

Strategy animation


Vision & strategy


Annual report

ZZG Zorggroep

A few explanation tips for your strategy!


Write a clear and convincing story
Informing and motivating your employees begins with telling a structured and clear story. This is the reason that we like to use a storytelling approach. With a simple and clear story, you can get to the heart of your message in just a few words!


Use structured and visual slides

Visual stimuli can assist your audience to create longer lasting, persistent memories about your message. At Funk-e, we always visualise a story no matter what. It doesn't always have to be an animation, visual stimuli such as structured slides are also a great tool to assist your communications. At Funk-e, we have designed and structured strategic slides for many of our corporate clients. Want to know more? Give us a call on +31 (0) 10 413 27 34.


An infographic for more detail

Alright, now you've got the plans clearly presented, perfect. But how can you make sure that everybody remembers to plan throughout the year? Many of our corporate clients have used infographics to help keep the plans fresh in the minds of employees, and it's also a great way to explain the plan in more detail! A good example would be a timeline of a new strategy or plan to be rolled out over the year. Interested in an infographic? Fill out the contact form below and we'll get back to you within one business day!

Let's explain your annual plan together!

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