Spread your animation for rocketing sales.

Watch your sales go sky-high with our distribution checklist!

Spread your animation for rocketing sales

Are you getting the most out of your animation?

Have you had an explanation animation made for your business? Perfect! You have probably already distributed your animation in a few ways, perhaps on social media or your intranet. There might be more channels for you to distribute your animation, take a look at our checklist below to see if you're currently getting the most value out of your animation:

Animation distribution checklist


☑ Central location on your website

Is your  animation  in a place where people will notice it? Make sure it's in a noticeable place, the top of your homepage is always a safe bet!


☑ Link in your email signature

Is there a way to view your animation in all your emails? Add a link to the animation in your email signature and ask your colleagues to do the same.


☑ Use your animation at trade shows

Are you showing your animation at trade shows? A great way to captivate a live audience is with a bright and colourful animation, so make sure your booth stands out and attracts the most visitors!


☑ Share it with your business network

Have you taken the time to share your animation with your network? De Hartstichting shared their animations with partners, relations and journalists.


☑ Always have it on hand

Is your animation on your phone, tablet or portable device? What happens if somebody asks about your business while you are out? Put your animation on your portable device so if someone asks about your business, you can dazzle them straight away with your brilliant animation!

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