Explaining with icons instead of characters.

Have a technical topic or looking for a business-like feel? Let icons do the talking with this iconic style!

Explanation animation with the help of icons

Why a style without characters?

Perfect for explaining processes, IT and technology.

Why this new style?

Typical Funk-e explanation animations use characters in various standard styles (handy, business, vintage). However, sometimes a subject requires a more systematic explanation or more focus on objects and icons. Knowing this, we created a brand new standard style that replaces characters with icons to better fit with these types of explanations. You can view some examples of the new style below!


What is the character-free style suitable for?

Iconic styles contain far less character animation are are more business-like; perfect for technical and business target groups. However, the potential applications stretch much further than business to teaching processes, technical explanations and IT products to name just a few. This style is much clearer and business-like, but undoubtedly still just as engaging and effective as our other styles.


Won't the animation be boring without characters?

Absolutely not! We always add character to our animations and we're never happy with a boring animation. Having said that, this is not an appropriate style to use if you're looking to portray emotions. This style is more suited to inform audiences about complex and technical subjects.

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Different animation types, all crystal clear!

Every animation starts with a session. That's where you work together with our explanation experts to break down your message to the core and create a script and storyboard on the spot!


Then, you can choose between one of these three different detail levels:


Low on time or budget? Get started immediately with our pre-made Funk-e Basic illustration styles in your corporate identity colours!

Basic animation

Custom Basic

Want your video quickly, but still with a unique look and feel? Custom Basic allows you to explain with a style that fits your corporate identity!

Custom basic animation

Custom Extended

Is realism important? Do you you want your animation to be especially convincing? We can bring any situation to life with a Custom Extended style!

Custom extended animation

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