The top 5 animation trends of 2019.

What has changed this year?

Animation trends 2019. Funk-e explains

Each day, us humans are processing over one hundred thousand words. This is an increase of over 5x when compared to 30 years ago. The sheer volume of information can easily become overwhelming, so more and more companies are looking for ways to simplify all these words into small, digestible pieces of content that are easier to explain. Animations have proven to be the perfect solution for this problem; converting massive, complex topics into manageable chunks in a playful and engaging way.


But the question remains, what animation style is best for you? How can you decide on appropriate colours and typography that will facilitate understanding? How can you distribute the animation in a way that will engage the most people? Take a look at our top 5 trends of 2019 to learn more:

1. Web series

Think about how often you watch informational videos for longer than 15 minutes. Given that in people in 2019 are performing more tasks than ever, and we are all struggling to find time, it's probably not often. But what if you still need to tell a story that will take longer than 75 seconds? 

Web series are a new way of telling a story that breaks up a long, complicated story into multiple animations. This way it is much easier to maintain the attention of the target audience and avoid publishing lengthy content that won't keep the attention of your viewers. A great example comes from the Discovery Space web series we created together with Airbus to educate young viewers about aerospace and flight.

2. Animations on websites

Animations are not just clips for YouTube or Vimeo. They're adaptable, intuitive and can be used on multiple channels simultaneously. 2019 has seen a significant increase in the use of animation on webpages to create interesting and engaging content for your target audience. Just have a look at how we've applied animation here!

Animations on websites

3. 2D Animation

When 3D animation was introduced, his baby brother 2D had to take a big step back. All the focus was on the cool, new style that seemed to be the only way to go. Now, the novelty has worn off and people are beginning to realise that 2D is a far more efficient and affordable way to get their message across through animation. It's the perfect solution for those looking to explain something unique but are restricted by time or budget.

4. Bright Colours

You've already decided that you want to use an animation, and now you need to think about how to grab the audience's attention and distinguish yourself. Take a moment to think about how your eyes are attracted to bright, shiny and colourful stimuli; this is a now a common principle applied in animation production to captivate target audiences. Studies have shown that not only are people more attracted to bright colours, but they also create a more positive perception of the stimuli in the mind of the audience!

5. Retro Styles

Retro is making its comeback! 80's styled colours, typography from classic video games and sounds from the vintage arcade are all regaining popularity. People just can't seem to get enough of the nostalgic vibes given by a retro animation. Just take a look at our retro style animation we made together with TU Delft!

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