Give your animation a fresh new look.

Get the most out of your animation by ensuring that it stays up to date.

Is your animation still up-to-date?

 Make sure your animation is still usable


So it's been a while since your animation was made. A lot can change in a short period of time these days, so how can you make sure your animation remains relevant and still conveys the right message? Take a look at our checklist below to see if your animation needs an update:

Check if your animation is still up to date:


☑ Your product has changed

Does your product contain new features? Or has your working method changed? If you want your customers to fully understand the benefits of your product, it's important that all information is correct and up to date.


☑ You have a new house style

Your house style has changed, and the animation no longer fits with your brand. 


☑ You are expanding to foreign markets

Are you taking your business overseas? Language and cultural barriers can be a 

significant problem for communication in foreign markets. 


☑ Your logo has been modified 

Brand identity means everything these days. If you've taken the time to refresh your logo, it's essential that you include it in all your communication material.


Yes, my animation needs an update!

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